View Your Edmodo Planner (Student)

The Edmodo Planner is a personal, automatically updated organizational tool for students to use. Completed and Upcoming Assignments and Quizzes can be found in this section. Here are some brief instructions on how to use the planner.

1. Click the Planner icon assignmentcenter.png in the top toolbar.2. You will be now directed to the Planner Page. You can select the class that you want to look at in the left side panel.3. To view Upcoming Assignments and Quizzes, click on the Dropdown tab near the top of the page and select Upcoming. To view Completed Items, click on Completed underneath Upcoming.                                  4. Graded items will have the grade appear on the right side of each row.                                                                                                    


5. To access the Planner settings, click the Settings gear.png tab at the bottom of the Left Panel. You can set daily planner reminders here, change your class' color, as well as add a custom class.