Best Practices for Using Parent Accounts (Parent)

Whether it's having students use an avatar as a Profile picture or making a habit of logging out after using Edmodo, we've compiled a few best practices:

Set Expectations with Your Child

  • Although your child’s school will have its own expectations and guidelines for using the internet and Edmodo Accounts, it is important for you to discuss and set your own guidelines with your children regarding Internet usage.
  • We encourage you to review your child’s school’s Internet usage policy and discuss it with your child, the teacher, and the school.

Use a Secure Password When Creating an Account

  • Students should create unique student passwords. Using generic passwords (such as “password”, “Name”123, or birthdates) makes it easy for students to guess each others’ passwords. Passwords are case sensitive.

Setting up Email Notifications

  • Notifications alert you to new activity in your child’s account. We recommend setting up email notifications to help you monitor your child’s posts and progress in school. To turn on these notifications, visit your Account Settings page. You will also automatically be notified on your Homepage about activity on your child's account.